The importance of the quality of marble pendant and how to judge the quality of marble pendant

In the industry of contemporary architectural decoration, marble is one of the most important materials. However, due to its high price, marble pendant is a stainless steel connecting material for fixing marble on the wall, which is a accessory connecting marble with metal keel.
Although it is an auxiliary part not exposed between the wall and the stone slab, it is a link that can not be ignored in curtain wall accessories materials, and plays a very important role in beautifying architectural decoration.
Therefore, it is impossible to use it on the whole wall, but if you want to achieve the desired effect of customers, it is necessary to use it outside the wall. Therefore, under such requirements, it needs to be fixed to the wall. It is precisely because under such requirements, this shows the importance of marble dry pendant.

On the importance of marble pendant quality

The general forms of fixing marble pendant are as follows:
Short slot anchorage method; back hook anchorage method; through slot block installation anchorage method; steel pin anchorage method; double section (anti-seismic) back cut back bolt anchorage method.
In the past, the traditional fixing methods of marble pendant include pin type, slot type and other dry hanging structures. The disadvantages of these two methods are that the hanging parts have to bear a large force, but in general, they are easy to be damaged at the place where the plate is slotted. Therefore, the thickness shall not be less than 25 mm and the range of force shall not be greater than 1.5 m2, otherwise it will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

In general, this kind of marble dry pendant is made of stainless steel. However, different manufacturers have no production standards when it is made. Some small manufacturers are prone to a lot of problems in quality. They may reduce the cost when purchasing the pendant, but in the end, because of its poor quality, it is easy to have a lot of problems in quality, And the occurrence of marble or casualties is not worth the loss, so when buying this pendant, we should not just look at its price, but should put its quality in the first place.
Although it is not the main display part, it has come to a very important role. Without it, the marble can not be fixed on the wall, and at the same time, it can not let its luxury performance in the most important part, which is reasonable because it has a great demand for its materials.

When marble is used, it has a certain weight. If the quality of this kind of pendant is not up to the standard, it can not bear certain weight. In this way, not only can it not achieve the normal performance, but also there will be certain risks.
Because the marble dry pendant has its own weight, the first requirement is that the quality requirement must reach a certain load-bearing capacity. However, if the requirement is met only in this respect, it is still because they are in the most conspicuous part with the luxurious material of marble. Therefore, it is necessary to make it to a certain degree of luxury, which is the only way Really reach its quality.20200105093300_7652

How to judge the quality of marble pendant?

The marble pendant is to hang the stone on the wall to beautify the architectural decoration. Nowadays, most of the buildings and office buildings adopt this technology.
The stainless steel pendants in the market are mainly 300 series and 200 series. The difference between the two lies in the content of chemical element nickel. Let’s explain in detail that stainless steel pendant is a metal connector used for marble and stone pendant.

Stainless steel pendant is a kind of metal connector used for marble and stone pendant
Corner code, single hook code (single swallow code), double hook code (Double Swallow code, butterfly code, swallow tail code), support code (hook, pick code, warping code, pick piece), flat plate (flat code), T-shaped welding code.
The price of 200 series stainless steel with very low nickel content is only about half of that of 300 series stainless steel, and its corrosion resistance and toughness are far inferior to that of 300 series stainless steel. It is only applicable to the fields of kitchen utensils and food processing. If it is used in construction, medical equipment and other fields, there will be great hidden danger.

The 200 series products with nickel content of about 1% can not withstand general atmospheric corrosion. It is commonly used in construction and its installation is more advanced than the first two. It is easy to transfer force and reduce the damage of stone. However, the phenomenon of “annealing” will occur due to high temperature heating during welding.
The curtain wall dry hanging system, which is composed of back cut anchor bolt and back support system, can not solve the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature difference due to mechanical anchoring structure and not flexible combination.



So how to judge the quality of marble pendant?

1. Look at the material.
Stainless steel products tend to be compact in structure and weighed by hand. In addition to being heavier than similar products, stainless steel products also feel solid and durable;
2. Look at the plating.
The standard plating layer can not only make the product surface fine and uniform, but also avoid oxidation and rust in the humid environment. With the eye to see the surface of the pendant, if there is no bubble on the surface, the coating is uniform, you can choose.
3. Look at the craft.
The products processed by strict process standards often go through complicated machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products are not only beautiful in appearance, good in performance, but also good in handle, uniform, smooth and without defects